Client: Philips Oral Healthcare
Year: 2015
Platform: mobile


We teamed up with Philips Oral Healthcare to concept, design, and develop the first connected experience for their Sonicare toothbrush. Nearly 40% of people are brushing their teeth incorrectly. This creates a series of dental issues for people, especially the ones who only visit their dentist once a year or not at all.

Using the latest sensor technology, we were able to create a connected toothbrush experience that measures time, pressure, speed, and location of the during brushing. Through the brushing experience, the user can track their brushing with the app, and at the end, if they've missed some areas, the app will let the user know, and they can go back for a clean sweep to ensure they're getting the best brush possible.

My Role

My role on the project was to help drive the initial UX direction during the early discovery stages. I was brought into kickoff the UX discussion with the team and start concepting around the business and product goals. Once we got the UX in a good direction, I stepped away, and the creative director and lead UX took it from there.

Our Approach

We kicked off the project by diving into the requirements and began defining our UX strategy. From there, I took our plan and started concepting ideas with the team on the whiteboard and in my notebook. When we identified a few ideas that we felt pushed the vision of the connected brushing experience, I put together a quick click-through prototype to communicate the idea.


Detailed Design

From there, I started to get into the detailed design and mapped out the high-level flow for the UX, then handed it off to the team for further refinement and implementation. I would periodically check in with the team to provide additional UX guidance throughout the project lifecycle.