Client: Discovery Channel
Year: 2011
Platform: iPad


Discovery Channel wanted to develop their first iPad application and wanted it to be about sharks, deadly sharks that is! Every year they air a week's worth of shark content in August, and they wanted the app to launch a few weeks before. Yup, you guessed it, Shark Week! Discovery had so much content which is a great problem to have, but because of that, it made it harder to decide which direction the content should start taking shape. We worked with them to determine what the most compelling story would be to tell through an interactive iPad experience. We determined that we would showcase content around the ten deadliest sharks and take people through the different behaviors of each one with accompanying video, photos and stories of attacks.

My Role

My role was heavily focused on the information architecture, the content strategy of the application, and to support the visual designer with different visual directions. With the vast amount of existing content around sharks, it required me to create and maintain a content inventory for what we had and what was needed to be generated to keep the stories consistent across each shark.

our approach

We started off by working with the client to detail specifics around each shark identified, everything ranging from their length, the number of teeth, unique anatomy, migration patterns, to how many dogs they’ve eaten. We concepted a few solutions that would allow us to highlight the amazing content of each shark and have people experience the content in a more interactive way. Our final design approach was to break up the shark experience into snackable bite sizes to not overwhelm the users with too much awesomeness at once and to delight them with each swipe of the finger.