Design for people

Technology can do great things for humanity. It can also be equally damaging to our well-being. Those who create have a responsibility to design with respect, empathy, and purpose.

Through research, we can surface insights that drive design decisions that make a real impact on people's lives. When careful consideration takes place during the process, we create an experience that becomes an extension of someone's daily routine that can support, enhance, or change behavior to increase the quality of life.

I'm passionate about making meaningful connections between business, product, and people. My insatiable curiosity drives me to look beyond the surface and dig for real insights that instigate a new way of thinking about the problem, people or solution.

c5m photography

In my spare time I’m a freelance photographer with a focus events, portraits, and products. You can see my work here:


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Thoughtful things people had to say

I have watched and learned from a colleague who excels at leading teams, creating deeply insightful user experiences, and setting vision of what a product could be. His ability goes beyond just connecting the dots between insights and features and instead strides confidently into the realm of limitless possibility.
— Creative Director
He continually evaluates the experiences he creates, constantly looking at new angles through the eyes of the user with an intense focus on creating meaningful and useful products. Clemente’s passion is an engine that unifies and drives a team forward, creating a unified environment that sets up a project and an account for success.
— Engagement Manager